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Warranty & Servicing


When you buy a car from us, any repair needed during the vehicle warranty period, shall be carried out by Cars & Stars. Certain maintenance service recommendations have been prepared and set forth in the Warranty Booklet which will assist you in taking proper care and maintenance of your vehicle.

1. Cars & Stars offers its customers a 3 years warranty period or 60,000km mileage, whichever come first.

2. At Cars & Stars, we greatly value our customers immediate warranty needs, which is why we no longer partner with any workshop to undertake our warranty. Instead, we personally undertake the warranty ourselves and direct you to our best and well-chosen authorised workshops for your regular servicing or repair.

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Monday to Friday and Public Holidays
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  • 1 day advance booking is needed and preferred 2 days in advance for PH.
  • Your warranty booklet must be produced to enjoy special discount.

Cars & Stars believes that this new approach will be of best interest for both customer and us. We do not want to pay a hefty price to any workshop which no one can be sure that they will be there whenever we need them.

We always trust the brand that we carry (just as much as you trust them) and strongly believe that with our reasonable margin from sale of the car to you, we are able to offset any warranty or recall claims that may arise from time to time. We have confidence that this new holistic approach plus a proven solid track record since year 2000, we will be able to win your trust in us to meet your driving needs.

3. Let us share more about Ace Drive Pte Ltd to you to add more confidence and credibility to our ability to undertake your warranty. Ace Drive, a related entity, which was incorporated in year 2010, is a prominent car rental company that specializes in exotic and luxury sports car rental in Singapore. Our range of cars are as follows: Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Mini and Porsche. We are just as concerned as you on the maintenance of our rental fleet. We put even more emphasis to make sure that our authorised workshop is able to handle our fleet, as our wear and tear is very much more than any normal usage. Rest assured that if we can handle our rental fleet, we definitely can undertake your warranty with ease.