Car Showroom

Comfort and Car Viewing Pleasure, Under One Roof

Located conveniently for friends and customers in the prominent front of Frontier building along Ubi Avenue 3 in Singapore, all of our recently fully-renovated showroom is about your comfort, car viewing pleasure, and excellent service.

You simply cannot miss us if you are going down Ubi Avenue 3, with some of the most popular Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Tesla cars parked directly under our banner, and the warm, inviting light from our car showroom beckoning you to go in, even if it is just for a look.

Once you step in, the perfect air-conditioned temperature of 23 degrees Celsius wraps around you, reminding you of the sweltering heat you have just stepped away from. The open, airy feel of the whole showroom immediately sets us apart from the rest – while they like to box you in along with the cars, we believe you should make your choice without any pressure, and in ultimate comfort.

And as the sparkles of the spotlights bounce off the various cars tastefully parked around the showroom onto you, you will know for sure that at Cars & Stars, you will always be a Star, and we want to bring you from dreaming to driving.

Everything we do is focused on creating the perfect experience for you, because it is through your satisfaction, our brand and mission is fulfilled.