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Brand & Mission

The Logo

Cars and Stars logo

The Cars & Stars logo clearly showcases our focus and style. At Cars & Stars, you are the star of the show, and the spotlight is seen shifting from cars to you. It is all about casting the spotlight on you, treating you with the utmost care, and providing the best service.

The usage of the sans serif fonts is just like our style – modern, contemporary, and stylish. The clarity of the words also shows our attention towards the transparent and honest nature in how we interact with you.

We Bring You From Dreaming To Driving

We bring you from dreaming to driving

Our main tagline, “We Bring You From Dreaming To Driving”, is our mission. We make it our goal to realize and fulfill your dreams of driving, and while doing so, retain the dreamlike feeling that is so important to you.

Select, Ignite, Enjoy

Select, Ignite and Enjoy

“Select. Ignite. Enjoy” is our secondary tagline, where we focus on these three aspects to ensure your experience with us is the best possible. Select with confidence, ignite with magic, and enjoy with assurance – that is our promise to you.


Selecting the right car is important, but even more importantly, is selecting the right place to confidently purchase your dream car from. At Cars & Stars, your needs are seen as our own. Throughout the whole process – select, ignite, enjoy – we aim to make it easy and enjoyable for you. Find out why you should select us, and let us bring you from dreaming to driving.


Ah, the first ignition of a car is always a magical moment. From the fumbling of the car keys (nothing to be ashamed about, really), to the first roar as the engine comes to life, and finally the beautiful hum as the car waits idly for you to start the drive – you will never forget the initial engine start for the first car you ever own, the day’s itinerary in your hands, the backseat holding your family or friends.

So, which new car or used car is going to be part of that magical moment with you? Browse our list, and don’t be shy to ask advice from our staff. We know how precious that moment is to you, because like you, we all had that magical moment before too.


Choosing and buying a car takes up only a tiny portion of the total time you are going to spend with your ride, the rest is spent outside of the showroom, on the roads, and in your hands cruising down the roads of Singapore.

We do not see you as just a customer, but we see each and everyone who steps into our showroom as a friend – and friends take care of friends for long term. That is why you can drive with assurance when you buy a car from us, knowing that we have in place excellent after-sales care, and we will always be there for you.