Car Buyers Go Green As Car Prices Rise

Hybrid cars are quickly gaining a record share of the auto market in the USA, for many different reasons. The main factor that is pushing people to purchase hybrids is that gas prices are continually rising, which is forcing car owners to look for an alternative.

This is leading increasing numbers of American drivers to buy hybrid cars for their daily transport needs, so that they can save money on fuel in the long run. This rapid rise in numbers means that hybrid vehicles now have the greatest ever share of the market, which is a good sign for the whole hybrid car industry.

In March of 2012, a record 52,000 gas-electric hybrid and all-electric cars were purchased. This is a huge leap, from the 34,000 that were purchased during the same month in 2011. From these statistics alone, we can see that more and more people are choosing to buy cars that are of the hybrid nature. Many will be insuring their new cars with someone like RAC, and they will be enjoying saving money on gas. Both gas-electric hybrids and all-electric cars combined now make up 3.64 per cent of the total USA car sales, which is the highest monthly market share yet for these types of cars.

Another factor that is attracting car owners is the great range of new hybrid models that are now available to them. These include the Toyota Prius C subcompact, the Prius V wagon and the Camry hybrid. These new cars mark an exciting development in the hybrid industry. The recent milestone of gas prices rising to meet the $4 per gallon mark has meant that increasing numbers of people have turned to the hybrid type of car, and this can only continue in the future.