Good opportunity to purchase a new parallel imported car?

Are you looking to buy a new parallel imported Toyota Sienta, Toyota Axio, Honda Shuttle or Honda Fit? Continue reading to find out what is your best option.

COE chart for Cat A, B & E


COE Premiums fall for Cat A, B and E. COE prices for Cat A fell from $52,668 to $50,951, while Cat E fell from $56,000 to $54,901. As for Cat B, it had the highest dip at 5.7% to $53,001.

In the second bidding exercise in November, the total number of Certificates of Entitlements (COEs) received a low number of bids, at only 5,061 across all categories. This is also the lowest since February this year; about 4,000 bids lesser when compared to second bidding in July which the number bids received was 9,188 (highest this year).

We think one of the reasons might be due to the weakening of Singapore economy and uncertainty of the global market. Many buyers are waiting to see if the COE will fall further. In our opinion, this is a good time to start shopping around for brand new cars. At Cars & Stars, we are constantly pricing our car promotion ahead of the market. Don’t missed this golden opportunity as the United States is rising their interest rates and banks in Singapore will definitely follow suit.

We do not see COE will crash anytime soon but range bound rising & dropping within $3K to $4K. But a rising interest rates may set you back close to or higher than the range depending on the loan amount. So our advice to you is not to hesitate when you see a good deal from us.

Now is a very good opportunity for all potential car buyers to start hunting for their dream parallel imported cars while the COE is low as well as low interest car loans environment. Cars & Stars is a trustworthy, reliable and a leading parallel importer in Singapore.

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