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Honda Recalls 160,000 Fit and Vezel Vehicles

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Honda recalled 160,000 Fit subcompact and Vezel sport-utility vehicles in Japan because of defective power steering and a part that controls the electric current in the vehicles. The recall does not affect any Honda models sold abroad.

There have been no injuries related to the problems. Six fires were reported related to the faulty part that controls electricity for capacitors, and two minor accidents were reported to the defect in the steering, according to Honda Motor Co.

The recalled vehicles were manufactured from 2nd August 2013 through 13 February 2016. The Fit was recalled for both problems, but the Vezel did not have the steering problem.

Recall Notification Number: 3729
Recall Start Date: 2016 April 4

Recall of Honda Fit and Vezel

Honda Fit


    Chassis & Production Period Ranges:

  • GK3-1000019 ~ GK3-1061107 (2013 August 2 – 2014 September 30)
    No. of Vehicles Affected: 60,332
  • GK3-1100001 ~ GK3-1122200 (2014 October 13 – 2015 May 12)
    No of Vehicles Affected: 22,200
  • GK3-3000006 ~ GK3-3022067 (2013 September 19 – 2014 September 30)
    No of Vehicles Affected: 21,393
  • GK3-3200001 ~ GK3-3215113 (2014 October 8 – 2015 August 31)
    No. of Vehicles Affected: 14,522
  • GK3-5000002 ~ GK3-5000127 (2013 October 7 – 2014 April 4)
    No. of Vehicles Affected: 126
  • GK3-5200001 ~ GK3-5200087 (2014 October 17 – 2015 August 17)
    No. of Vehicles Affected: 87
  • GK3-8000001 ~ GK3-8000055 (2013 September 5 – 2014 September 29)
    No. of Vehicles Affected: 55

Honda Vezel


    Chassis & Production Period Ranges:

  • RU1-1000020 ~ RU1-1022560 (2013 December 10 – 2015 March 31)
    No. of Vehicles Affected: 22,541
  • RU1-1100001 ~ RU1-1118053 (2015 April 17 – 2016 February 13)
    No of Vehicles Affected: 18,053


    Chassis & Production Period Ranges:

  • RU2-1000009 ~ RU2-1003310 (2013 December 12 – 2015 March 30)
    No. of Vehicles Affected: 3,302
  • RU2-1100001 ~ RU2-1101777 (2015 April 17 – 2016 February 12)
    No of Vehicles Affected: 1,777

Source: Toyota Japan Recall Board

Please be informed that all the information provided above was translated from Japanese to English Language. Thus, all information was translated with our utmost ability. We will not be responsible whatsoever for any wrong information herein provided.

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