Honda To Recall 200,000 Cars Globally

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company, Ltd said that it would recall about 200,000 passenger cars globally due to defective engine parts, according to a report from Jinghua Times on Tuesday.

The affected vehicle includes 50,000 units of Stream, Civic and Crossroad in Japan alone which were produced between July 2008 and July 2010 at Honda’s domestic plants.

Honda will exchange engine bolts that may cause failures of the cars’ engine cooling systems and would eventually cause the engines to stop. There has been 63 customer reports received in Japan of engine malfunction as a result of the defect, but none from these reports had let to accidents.

Honda’s spokesman stated that globally there are 200,000 cars including the 50,122 in Japan that has the same trouble. He also added that Honda will recall about 100,000 units in South America and 6,800 units in Europe.

The other Honda vehicles are being recalled in the Middle East and Africa, but the recall does not cover markets in North America.

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Recall Note: The safety of our customers is our top priority and is one of our important commitments to excellent service standards. To our Cars & Stars’ customers who are affected on this recall, we will send you a letter regarding this matter as soon as we get recall notifications from LTA. Please be rest assured that Cars & Stars will give you all the necessary assistance needed for this recall. Thank you.

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